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Missouri State Penitentiary

Prison Tours in Jefferson City, MO

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Once the oldest continually operating prison west of the Mississippi River, the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) operated for 168 years before decommissioning in 2004. It now serves as a great historic landmark in downtown Jefferson City welcoming thousands of guests annually from all over the world. Whether visitors choose to take a history or ghost tour, they will walk through historic housing units, the upper courtyard and the gas chamber where 39 men and 1 woman were executed. Our paranormal investigations share the first-hand ghostly sightings at MSP and allow guests to hunt for the unexplainable activity. Lock up your tour and do time in Jefferson City!

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Our Most Popular Tours

3-Hour History Tour November 2023

"The three hour history tour did not disappoint! I have been two other times for the ghost overnight but I was really wanting to learn about the history of people and the spaces we were allowed to walk through. I definitely recommend this for all! I learned a lot and had a ton of fun."

– Christi D., TripAdvisor
MUST Do! November 2023

"The tour was great. Our guides, Green and Fred were awesome. The best of both worlds. Heard stories from the perspective of a guard as well as a former inmate. Could not ask for better inside information. Both were passionate about the grounds and the different experiences they each had. A MUST do if you visit Jefferson City."

– Melissa C., TripAdvisor
The Paranormal Tour was Incredible! November 2023

"Did the 3 Hour Paranormal Tour and I am anxiously waiting to go again when tours start back up. Would definitely say the most activity I experienced was in the Dungeon (Building 4) and Death Row (Basement of Building 2 I believe). The staff was BEYOND excellent and very knowledgeable and were kind enough to give little insider tips about what they have experienced and where. 10/10 would recommend."

– Shelby R., TripAdvisor
Great Tour November 2023

"What a fun tour. Loved the personal stories of our tour guide who had worked in the prison! The prison played an exciting role in Missouri’s history!"

– Monica H., TripAdvisor
I know what I heard and saw! October 2023

"My sons and I had a great time! We learned a lot about the prison and walking around it was really cool. The haunted tour at night was a blast! I can’t promise you’ll see ghosts but I know what I saw and heard. Go and enjoy the tour. And maybe you’ll experience the unexplained as well. It’s definitely worth it!!"

– John E., TripAdvisor
Must-see. Such a wild experience and an interesting way to learn history-- an insane example of correctional facilities! October 2023

"This place was so impressive and mind-boggling. To think we were touring buildings predating the Civil War by decades. Such an education in the extremes of correctional facilities over the years. We had a lot of kids, teens, and adults in our group and everyone enjoyed the tour. So much history, so many stories, so many lives gone in and out of the Penitentiary over many eras. I can't wait to go again for the longer history tour! Our guide, Randy, was a wealth of information and made our visit extra enjoyable. Nadine was great too! Can't recommend enough!"

– Amgoos, TripAdvisor
100 Years Older Than Alcatraz

Tour one of the longest-running prisons in the U.S. that closed after 168 years.

Infamous Inmates

Walk the same halls as notorious prisoners like James Earl Ray & Sonny Liston.

Home of the Gas Chamber

See the gas chamber where 40 inmates were put to death between 1937-1989.

"Bloodiest 47 Acres in the US"

Explore one of the largest prisons in the U.S. that once housed 4,900 criminals.