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Join one of our guides on a photographic exploration of the MSP

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Snap Great Photos of Missouri State Penitentiary

Looking to capture great photos of the Missouri State Penitentiary? On this guide-led photo tour, you will have access to the facility to photograph the beauty of the Missouri State Penitentiary! And you’ll only be paired with other photographers!

Roam the halls where so many infamous inmates walked before you. Photograph where they ate and slept, spent time outside, and went to meet their execution after spending time in the death row cells. Let “the bloodiest 47 acres in America” come alive before your lens and you immortalize this fascinating location through your photos.

Book online to discover the Missouri State Penitentiary through photography.

Please note that tour sizes are limited, if you see that a tour is sold out, you may contact our office for other Missouri State Penitentiary tours that may be available.