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  • June 17, 2023

3-Hour Mystery Tour – Tour With The Past

See the MSP through the eyes of an inmate on this one-of-a-kind guided tour.

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 10+)

See the Missouri State Penitentiary from a Whole New Angle

Want to experience the Missouri State Penitentiary through the eyes of someone who served time Inside the Walls? This prison tour includes a discussion with a former inmate who answers questions and tells about their time spent at MSP!

The first two hours consist of the actual tour of the prison, during which you get to walk through the halls that housed dangerous inmates. See where they lived in Housing Unit 1, Housing Unit 4, and Housing Unit 3, along with touring the gas chamber.

The additional hour of this tour provides guests some time to ask questions of the guest/former inmate, so you can get a more intimate look into what life was like in the prison’s walls. Rest assured that all inmates were “model” prisoners while incarcerated!

Please note that tour sizes are limited.